Sunday, May 21, 2017


I'll tell you about the boobies later.

The white lilacs from our yard are just beautiful again this year.
I cut two bunches for the house yesterday.
And the smell!!

I put the little bunch beside our bed so I could smell them all night.

I think I told y'all I planted two rhododendrons.
They are thriving! Yay!
They have lots of new growth and are both blooming.
I'm so happy about that.


I made the most fabulous quiche for supper a few nights ago...

Why don't I make quiche more often?
It's so easy and quick and always so good.

I started with a frozen, store-bought, deep-dish pie crust.

I filled it with chopped ham, onion, swiss cheese, a pinch of salt, and lots of black pepper...

Mixed 4 eggs and 1/2 cup of whole milk and poured that over.
Baked for 45 minutes at 375 F.
(The instructions said 25 minutes, but mine wasn't set until 45)
Just bake it until it's really brown on top and doesn't jiggle at all in the middle.

I'm tellin' had the BEST flavor!

Remember my last post where I showed y'all the recipe for Southern Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake? Well, I made it last night for the poker game this evening...

I had fun making it and layering it up.
I didn't have a punch bowl so I used my largest clear bowl.
My trifle looked too small to hold it all, and it would have been.

Yummy...cake, strawberries, pudding, pineapple, bananas, whipped cream...

I smashed it down, but it still almost didn't all fit in.
But just look...

Is that fantastic or what??
I bet it's going to be good!
There's also a double batch of chili in the crockpot.
We're expecting twice the people we usually have.
All the snowbirds are back in town and will be here.

My dining room is all a mess because I'm still in the process of mopping. (Fletch is a big help, huh? Hee-hee. I just mop around the dogs. He's smart enough to stay up out of the way at least.) I'm taking a little break. I don't know why I always freak out and feel like I have to clean like a mad woman. People only come in to pee, and they don't have to walk through anything but the kitchen to get to the bathroom. You know they peek at the rest of my house though! Haha.

We got the porches ready yesterday.
See that water fountain in the middle of the big porch?
We're still in the process of getting it set up like we want it.
It used to be buried in the front of the house in the garden.
We never got to enjoy it there really so Ken moved it out back.

I'll show it to you when it's done.


Okay, so about that "Boobies" title.

Ken said I should put "boobies" in all the titles of my blog and I would get way more hits and visitors to my blog. LOL. He has no idea I'm really doing it. We'll see what happens. I'm not really going to do it on every post. It's an experiment. Calm down.

OMG, look at baby Eli.
This was right after his first bath and blow-dry.



  1. Oh all the food looks so yummy. Awwww Eli looked so cute as a baby, and he's still cute, too. Your place looks great. I love that you have a mountain in your back yard. Wishing you a great day. :)

  2. Anonymous12:59 PM

    hi pammy are definitely ready for poker night...your food looks delicious...i am putting the trifle and quiche on my must-do menu...i love the look and scent of lilacs...i especially like your home's wooden floors - the floor board's width and the stain color...your puppies have the right idea...take all the activity in from a comfortable of luck at poker...take care...sally

  3. I'm with you , qui he is one of my favourite things... along with frittata which is very much like it - or my version is anyway.. I tend to make quiche more in the Summer though.

  4. Your quiche and the layered desert look delicious. We have been having quite a bit of quiche at our house this spring. Your home is very pretty. Eli was such a cute little puffy pup.

  5. omg your strawberry cake looks so yummy! Im for sure gonna make it soon

  6. Oh, precious baby boy! Lookin' all handsome and snuggable ;). Quiche - what a great idea! Thanks!

  7. First of all Eli is drop dead gorgeous!!!!! The food looks yummy. I think I'll be trying the quiche soon. I made the corn chowder this weekend and it was perfect. We ate it for lunch both days of the garage sale. Easy to run in the house and zap a bowl in the microwave. Hope all was well with your company and you're right, people ALWAYS look around. :-). Have a great evening Pammy Sue.

  8. Love Eli's first bath photo!! Too cute! You made me drool! The quiche. The layers of yummy. The thought of a double batch of chili. I know you all had a great evening!! Hope you won! hee hee. blessings and boobies ~ LOL~ tanna

  9. PS those white lilacs are soooooo beautiful! And, lucky you for being able to enjoy their scent as well!

  10. I don't normally make quiche, but yours looks so good I will have to try it for a Friday night!

  11. Aaaagh!!!!!! I'm so in love with that fur-chile Eli! He is so a-dor-a-ble.
    I can almost smell the lilac fragrance coming through and so lush looking. Perfect touch to show off flowers.
    Quiche?- Love it. I will have to try your recipe and the Trifle? I'm making it this Thursday when my daughter and grandson come for dinner. Thank you for sharing all these tried recipes.
    The yard looks grand and who wouldn't want to sit out there, enjoy the weather and scenery with a glass of sweet tea and Crochet! Now that's a GAH! LOL
    Blessings- Ren-in-Az

  12. Well I FOR ONE can say the "boobies" heading caught my attention! I just had to go look and see what you were saying about boobies!! hee hee...... Your hubby is a funny guy. I have that strawberry recipe printed out and ready to make. Just have to get me some strawberries... And WHY do YOU get to have rhododendrons there and we can't grow them here! I don't understand it! How hot does it get there in the summers? maybe that's it... because it does get pretty super hot here, sometimes in the 108 to 110 range. Maybe they don't like it. I want some rhoddies! I love them and their colors are so gorgeous. wah wah wah.... anyway.. enough sniveling. That quiche looks awesome too. I don't know why I don't make it either, because you can add just about anything to it.. and I do have some frozen gluten free crusts. Hum.m.m. Hoe you had a good weekend and your yard looks so nice with the patios all set up for the summer. Hugs.. Marilyn

  13. Oh... and that fountain is awesome! I want one of those too! :-) Marilyn

  14. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Pammy Sue, After reading your latest post, I am sitting here thinking of the beautiful Lilacs I had in my yard back in the States. I sure do miss their sweet perfume. Love your outdoor entertaining area, looking forward to seeing what you do with the fountain. How sweet is that baby photo of Eli – oh, sweet puppy kisses!
    Wenona xoxo

  15. You & Ken are just so funny! Boobies, boobies, boobies!!!! Too Funny.
    Oh my, Eli has grown and he's still just as cute as a button.
    I envy your white lilacs. I bet the fragrance is so wonderful.
    What a difference between your snow photo's and the Spring photo's of your backyard. Amazing!
    I'm with Fletch on floor mopping. I'd rather be sitting up and out of the way while someone else does the work. (smile)
    Hey, it's about time for another vlog post. (smile)
    Take care and enjoy this warm weather.
    PS. Love the fountain!

  16. Amazing white lilacs, Pammy, they smell so sweet. It's a luxury to get them nearby. Your food looks delicious. I think I'll be trying the quiche soon. Have a wonderful day, dear! xxx

  17. Oh my Pammy Sue....I just opened my blog back up ...and sure enough...there YOU were...I am still a biaaatch...but always liked you...I don't remember why we were yucky in our blog world either...LOL you ran away and all ...I need to hear the deets


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